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I am amazed at your speed from answering an emergency call to showing up. William and his team work efficiently and quickly from assessing a problem to getting the repair completed. All is done with a great attitude and no trace of dirt or being there is left behind. Thank you Capital Area Utility Management for being so prompt and efficient.

-Catherine Hebert  / Satisfied Customer, Resident of Greenshores Subdivision

It’s been less than an hour since I reported the problem. You guys don’t mess around!

-Gene Lowenthal / Adjacent Land Owner, Rocky Creek Subdivision

William and his highly trained staff at Capital Area Utility Management oversee with proficiency the daily monitoring and evaluation of our Wastewater Treatment facility at Rocky Creek subdivision, meeting local and state guidelines.  They are a service provider that exceed customer expectations and are flexible to adapt to customer needs. I appreciate their commitment to the service they provide and for always looking for ways of improving the environment for our community. 
-Mialinda Francis / Resident of Rocky Creek Subdivision

Having worked with several O&M firms in Texas, we can say with certainty that CAUM provides a level of expertise and service that exceeds our expectations.

 Greg Bishop / Vice President Utility Partners, LLC

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